The Pink Lemonade Stand

Natalie & Paige: The Murder Diaries

March 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 62
The Pink Lemonade Stand
Natalie & Paige: The Murder Diaries
Show Notes

Natalie and Paige are the creators and hosts of The Murder Diaries Podcast. After meeting on Bumble BFF and bonding over tacos and true crime, The Murder Diaries was born. This fast growing podcast shares true crime stories in an effort to give voices back to the victims. The ladies discuss the ethics of true crime storytelling, their favorite true crime podcasts, and open up about the similarities in their personal lemons-to-lemonade stories.

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Nicole & Heidi share an obzession this week with the Charlotte Tilbury tinted lip balm.  Moisture plus glam! We're here for it.  Check it out

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